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2015 Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions 1.

Rules of Eligibility


To compete in this competition you must have a team of four people. Three of the team members must be registered line mechanics with current practicing licenses. The fourth team member must be a trainee line mechanic on a Connexis line mechanic pathway or equivalent.


Trainee line mechanics that completed their last block course prior to the competition may still compete as trainees providing they are not registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board at the time of the competition.




Each team will participate in all events contained in the programme.


Competitor Registration


Competitor registration will be held on Monday 5 October at 3.30pm (please note new time) in the Connexis Marquee at the Lion Park, Mystery Creek, Gate 1, 125 Mystery Creek Road, Hamilton.


The team managers of any teams/competitors who are unable to attend registration at this time must advise the Event Manager ([email protected]) as soon as possible, but no later than Friday 2 October (unforeseen circumstances accepted).


Judging Guidelines


Industry experts who have experience in line mechanic examinations and competitions have been selected to judge the events and will follow strict criteria. The first aid event will be judged by St John.


Judging will be based on industry guides, regulations, handbooks and best practice.


Two chief judges will oversee and if necessary moderate the individual event judges to ensure judging is fair and consistent across all teams.


There will be a minimum of one judge per team for each of the events.


Competitors can ask questions of the event judges before the individual event begins, after the specification sheet is handed to teams or during the tailgate session but not during the event.




Team members may be judged as individuals or pairs. However, it is the team’s average score for each event that contributes to their overall score.


Points will be deducted for any infringements as identified on the score sheet.


Where teams are tied, time may be the determining factor. The Chief Judge and Competition Manager may use their discretion to decide on the additional criteria used to determine the final results if no other factors from the event judging sheets can separate the winner.


Additional penalty points will be deducted from teams for the following infringements. Two Penalty Points:  Not wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE);  Dropping of tools/equipment;

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    

Misuse of tools/equipment; Knife blade unprotected; Pole strap dragging on ground; Untidy work site; Tape on harness;

Five Penalty Points:  Ladder not secured.  Carrying equipment in hands while climbing ladder;  Not using handline to raise and lower equipment;  Not wearing insulating gloves ground to ground;  Faulty equipment;  Tools, equipment or vehicles out of test. Note: The penalty points listed above are not exhaustive and the judges will use their experience and industry best practice to identify further potential infringements. Points may also be deducted for improper procedures or safety violations not listed. 5.5

Teams may be disqualified for unprofessional behavior.


An Event Judge, Chief Judge or the Competition Manager may disqualify a team if a team member appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The team manager can challenge the disqualification by requesting an alcohol breath screening test or drug screen, which will be carried out by the New Zealand Drug Detection Agency at no cost to the team’s company. Alcohol breath screening test Testing will be carried out using a breathalyser or digital alcohol meter that complies with AS 3547:1997. If the team member is 20 years of age or over and the reading is:  

400 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath or less, the team will continue in the competition; More than 400 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath, the original decision to disqualify the team will be upheld.

There is a zero alcohol limit for competitors under 20 years of age. Drug screen Drug screening will be in compliance with AS/NZS 4308:2008. If the result is:  

Negative the team will continue in the competition; Non-negative the original decision to disqualify the team will be upheld.




With the exception of Rule 5.6, only competitors can lodge a dispute. The levels of authority for any dispute or disciplinary action are as follows:    

Team member Team leader Event Judge Chief Judge and Competition Manager. Any decision made at this level will be final.

2 Connexis Line Mechanic Competition 2015©


Health and Safety


It is the responsibility of companies to ensure their employees are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the event.


All competitors and team managers must attend the following briefings, which will be held outside the premiere sponsors’ marquee at Site 1:   

6 October at 8.00am 7 October at 8.00am 8 October at 8.00am


Before beginning an event each team must complete a tailgate and put in place the control methods they identified on their tailgate.


All competitors must wear PPE and use tools and equipment that are appropriate for each task.


All accidents/incidents must be reported to the Competition Manager.


PPE, Tools, Equipment and Vehicles


All competitors must use a full-body harness that complies with AS/NZS 1891.4:2009. Lower body harnesses/safety belts (i.e. traditional line mechanic belts) will not be permitted.


It is the responsibility of competitors to ensure all their PPE, tools, equipment and vehicles are safe, currently intest and appropriate for the tasks they will have to carry out during the competition.


Any equipment found to be faulty or out of test will be removed and the team will incur penalties. Competitors should ensure they have copies of test certificates available as judges may request evidence for relevant equipment.




In the event of extreme or arduous weather conditions like lightning, high winds or heavy continuous rain, a decision to cancel, delay, postpone or proceed will be made by the Competition Manager.


Minor Awards Presentation Attire


The minor awards presentation will be held on 8 October, commencing at approximately 2.30pm. Competitors must wear:   

The official line mechanic competition t-shirt supplied to them at registration; or Clothing branded with their company’s logo only; or Their company overalls.


3 Connexis Line Mechanic Competition 2015©

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